Real Life in Real Time: CPI Security Alarm Stories Q1 2018

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Real Life Alarm Stories | CPI Security

Feeling secure in one’s home is essential to well-being. Serving as the protective layer of your home is a job we take seriously. We’re on the front lines of your home’s defense whether you are home or away. Take a look at some of the real-life alarm events we’ve triaged on behalf of you, our neighbors.

A medical alert close to the heart

Fearing he was suffering a heart attack, 88-year-old Mr. Santos activated his medical alert pendant. CPI Operator Jasmine received the alert and dispatched EMS immediately. Emergency responders transported Mr. Santos to the hospital where he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. While on the mend, Mr. Santos credited CPI and first responders for saving his life.

Smoke detection saves three four-legged friends

The everyday act of charging the family laptop, resulted in a fire at the Allen residence. Their second-floor smoke detector alerted CPI Operator Tina, who responded and dispatched the local fire department. With the fire contained to the second floor of their home, the Allen family praises the quick response of CPI and the fire department to sparing the lives of their three dogs.

Medical help at the touch of your keypad

Mr. & Mrs. Williams experienced a scare at their home when Mr. Williams fell, injuring his hip. Fortunately, Mrs. Williams was able to activate the medical alert on her security keypad requesting EMS assistance for her husband. CPI Operator Fiona dispatched EMS immediately. Mr. Williams was transported to the hospital for overnight monitoring and treatment for bruised ribs. Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams were relieved by the quick response and support received from CPI and emergency medical personnel.

Motion detected & theft deterred

While away at work, Mr. Swaim received an urgent alert from CPI Operator Shannon who was responding to a motion detector alert. Police met Mr. Swaim at his home, where they discovered an intruder had broken a dining room window to gain entry. Once inside the home, the intruder tripped the motion detector and raced out a back door. Although there was only minimal damage to property, fortunately, no belongings were taken as the alarm scared off the intruder. An apprehension is pending.

CPI in the news

A mother watched a man try to break into her home in real-time through her CPI Security inTouch app in Rowan County, NC. Read the full story on WCNC.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what Julie P. from Cornelius, NC shared about her experience with CPI.

“Want to thank CPI for monitoring our home. Last week, our carbon monoxide detector went off and they came over the speaker to check on us. I thought we were okay. But the CPI agent advised us to exit immediately! She called the fire department and we waited across the street. After testing our home, the fire department said levels were double what is safe and opened all windows and placed fans inside.

Needless to say, I am very thankful for our CPI system and the Huntersville Fire Department Engine 1. We are blessed to be celebrating this Easter season with our family – feeling very thankful.”

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