Who Installs Security Cameras in a Home?

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a home security system, shopped around, and are down to a few providers to choose between. There are a variety of elements to take into consideration when making a decision as important as this one, including the quality of the technology, the strength of their professional monitoring and emergency response, and let’s not forget about who will install your system.

Whether you’re more focused on an intrusion detection system (meaning products like sensors for doors, windows, and motion), or you’re interested in actually seeing what’s happening in and around your home by adding security cameras, it’s safe to say you’ll be scheduling – or performing – a home security installation.


What does that mean for you? Let’s break it down a bit.

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How Do I Get Started With Home Security System Installation?

Once you’ve decided to burglar-proof your home, installation is the next step. But who installs your security system and cameras will depend on what kind of provider you choose.

DIY Security System Installation

If you’ve decided on a standalone indoor or outdoor camera or a DIY solution rather than a comprehensive system, installation may be something you can tackle yourself or find a local handyman who installs security cameras. However, with a DIY installation, you always run the risk of not installing the products properly or in the most strategic spots for maximum protection.

But these days, consumers are having second thoughts about one-off DIY security solutions, especially those who want security that includes professional monitoring (versus self-monitoring their home security system). In fact, nearly 80% say that smart home security installation and monitoring is best left to the professionals.*

Professional Security System & Camera Installation

There are actually two types of security camera installation companies.

Subcontracted Professional Services

The first is the one you’ll see most often: a subcontracted dealer or installation provider. This means you’ll purchase security from Company X Home Security, however, Company X will subcontract Company Y to perform the actual security system installation in your home, and they’ll also subcontract Company Z to handle your monitoring.

In-house Professional Services

But just like 88% of consumers would like a single app to control all of their devices,* more and more people are recognizing the benefit of a home security provider that handles everything in-house. CPI Security, for example, provides an end-to-end security system installation & monitoring service. This means that when you get your system from CPI, the people who sell you your security, install your security system and cameras, and monitor your system are all vetted and board-certified CPI employees.

Before you Google “end-to-end security installers near me,” though, let’s explore what you’re really choosing when you click on a search result.

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Professional Installation | CPI Security

How Do I Choose Between Different Security Installation Companies?

There are many companies out there that perform home security camera installation. To get the best possible experience before, during, and after your security system installation, here are a few things to look for when vetting your options:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Your installation appointment should happen when it works best for you, with plenty of time for you to ask questions and get comfortable using the system. Your tech should leave time for post-installation testing and additional education if you need it.
  • Expert Placement: Well-educated techs will evaluate each space and position your panel, cameras, sensors, and other equipment for maximum protection. At the same time, they’ll also hide wires and keeping things looking as seamless as possible.
  • Vetted Pros: When a security camera installation company keeps everything in-house, their techs are more likely to have the training, certifications, and expertise so they know your new system inside and out. Working with a single provider who can configure, install, and monitor your home security system offers confidence and convenience.
  • Proper Certifications: Another important credential in the security industry is Five Diamond Certification. CPI Security holds this designation from The Monitoring Association (TMA), which represents a commitment to heightened standards of quality, service, training, efficiency, and more.

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Home Security Camera Installation | CPI Security Blog

Where Are the Best Spots to Install a Security Camera?

As we mentioned earlier, the right security camera installation company will evaluate your space to determine the best positioning, angles, and other factors that ensure you get the maximum coverage from your cameras. These are some common locations for indoor and outdoor camera installation, and likely where the pros will consider before they begin the installation:

  • Front door. This is the most common location, with a doorbell camera being a popular choice so you can interact with visitors.
  • Back door. If you have an easily accessible backyard area or important items you’d like to protect (think a grill, outdoor furniture, and more), a back door camera offers additional coverage.
  • Garage exterior. Criminals can auto-generate garage door codes, letting them open and close without “breaking in,” so extra protection is key.
  • Garage interior. Homeowners often forget to lock the door leading directly from the garage into the house; a security camera is a good idea at this vulnerable access point.
  • Gates. If you have a larger property with outbuildings, monitoring your property gates with a camera is a smart idea.
  • Basement windows. When a room is below ground level, its windows can feel extra vulnerable, but an indoor or outdoor camera can close the peace-of-mind gap.
  • Children’s rooms. Youngsters may be less diligent about things like locking windows, and even without a security risk, many parents appreciate the extra assurance of being able to see what’s going on.
  • Blind spots. Every home has its weird little nooks and surprise corners, so cameras help you enjoy the extra character without providing cover for criminals.

How Much Does Security Camera System Installation Cost?

In general, the price of home security products varies widely. In addition to the quality of the technology, there’s a huge difference between picking up a few products to install over the weekend and outfitting your home with a comprehensive smart home security platform.

Which is the perfect segue into a common misconception in the marketplace – it’s extremely important to understand that just because you have a security camera doesn’t mean you have home security.

When you work with security camera installation companies and other home security providers, they’ll show you different packages and options for protecting your home. Remember, the price of the products is only part of the cost. Unless you DIY, or the security company you choose offers complimentary installation, you’ll want to factor in the time and labor for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting, as well as the chance to learn how the system works and ask any questions you might have.

Of course, “cost” is just a number when compared to the price you could pay for not taking action, versus the value of keeping your household secure. So, talk with your provider about the different packages and pricing options, and keep in mind – what you’re really paying for is protection and peace of mind, for your home, your family, and your daily life.

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How Do I Find Local Security Installers Near Me?

If you’re ready to protect your home and already asking “who can install my security system?”, we understand your enthusiasm. Make sure to do your research to ensure you’re working with a trusted provider for your security system installation and monitoring. For insights like these, and more information on everything home, smart security, and innovation, visit the CPI blog today.


*Alarm.com, “Research: What Do Homeowners Really Want From the Smart Home?”

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