What Causes Orbs on Security Camera Footage?

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Security Cameras

Doorbell Camera POV Showing Orb

You’ve likely seen a white or yellowish blob cross your camera a time or two. It may even move, swing, or seem like it’s dancing around. And even though it may appear to be an extraterrestrial figure or ghost, it’s simply a harmless orb. But what exactly is an orb? And how do you get rid of them? This blog will discuss everything you need to know about what causes orbs on security camera footage.  


What is an Orb? 

An orb is typically round, blurry, and white or yellow in color. Orbs on security camera footage are typically caused by an outside matter that gets too close to the camera and its InfraRed (or nighttime) illumination. The IR illumination is not visible to the human eye. 


What Causes Orbs on Security Camera Footage? 

Orbs typically only show up at nighttime because the sunshine illuminates the camera’s field of view during the daytime, hiding the orb or orbs. 

Orbs on security camera footage are typically caused by three things: spider webs, weather, or close illumination proximity.  


Spider Webs and Bugs 

Spider webs and bugs are often attracted by the InfraRed illumination from the camera.  


Weather Related Causes 

Orbs can also be caused by light sources illuminating specks of dust or water droplets on the lens of security cameras.  


Close Illumination Proximity 

Another cause of orbs on security camera footage is when the camera’s Infrared technology reflects off part of the house that may be close to the camera. The reflection can bounce off the lens and cause orbs.  


How to Prevent Orbs? 

Orbs can be particularly troublesome if it blocks the view of your security camera footage, especially important footage like catching an intruder. Here are several ways you can prevent orbs from showing up on your security camera footage.  

  • Clean the lens of your security camera: Make sure your security camera is free of dust, debris, pollen, and anything else that may cause orbs to form when reflecting light.  
  • Change the angle or location of the camera: You may need a technician to change the angle or location of your camera completely to avoid IR reflections or specific light sources.  
  • Change the angle or remove the light source: Similar to adjusting your camera, you may need to adjust nearby light sources. Dim or remove the lights altogether to avoid any reflection on your camera.  



Orbs Still Won’t Go Away? Here’s What to do Next.  

If you’re still struggling to get rid of orbs on your security camera footage, consider calling in the professionals. CPI Security team of professionals is on standby ready to assist you with any security needs you may have. Call us today for assistance.  

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